Where Do We Find Steel In Modern Residential Construction.

Easy answer, just about everywhere.

Slightly longer answer below.

  • Concrete foundations and raft slabs in most houses contain a few tonnes of rebar or reinforcing steel, nicely hidden away but never the less doing an excellent job.
  • Houses raised off the ground use steel columns, steel floor bearers and in many cases steel floor joists. (As in steel purlins).
  • Steel residential wall framing is extremely strong, lightweight and very cost effective.  The system of bracing it is simple and strong.  It can take all the traditional siding, cladding or sheeting materials.
  • The wall framing itself can incorporate steel RHS (rectangular hollow sections) around openings to provide extra strength, which carry the roof loads to the foundations.
  • Whatever the type of wall construction, the roof structure almost always has some steel in it, be it a couple of steel beams over patios, bolts and angle brackets to conventional timber or truss framing.
  • More often we are seeing complete steel truss layouts, with steel battens and steel roof sheeting.
steel PFC deck beam
Steel residential construction – A steel PFC external deck beam.

The above shot shows an external deck, with a steel PFC (parallel flange channel) sat on SHS (square hollow section) steel columns.  The handrail supports (some of them extending up to support the roof) are also SHS.   The corrosion protection system is hot dip galvanising.  The balustrade wires are SS (stainless steel).