Save Cash, Don’t Add Too Much Water

One thing to remember, above all else, I know concreting is a hard job, mixing it, laying it and finishing it.

  • Any of these operations can be made easier by adding water.
  • DON’T DO IT!  If you have a correct mix on site don’t alter it.
  • Adding water to a correct mix is like throwing £50 bills into it.
  • If you are mixing on site, to give you a more workable mix, try more water plus more cement!
  • Another alternative is the use of additives, contact your supplier for details of plasticisers etc that may make a difficult job easier.
  • Concrete that has too much water in it dries out with more shrinkage cracks.
  • It will not be as strong or have a hard wearing surface.

So once more to drive it home, you pay for a top quality product, don’t waste money by ruining it with too much water.