Garage Floor Coating Tips

A new garage floor coating is ideal for many households because it is usually this area of the home that gets heavily neglected and, therefore, is in great need of some improvement. On the most part this normally results from property developers being more concerned with keeping to tight budgets as opposed to paying attention to the finer intricate details of the build, leaving a lot of home garages with floors that appear to be dull, cracked and altogether unattractive. If this rings true and sounds all too familiar with you do not despair, a nice coating will have your garage floor looking in great shape in no time at all.

This procedure involves the application of either a liquid such as paint, epoxy garage floor coating or a hard surface usually composed of vinyl material on top of an existing garage flooring. Through this application a protective layer is formed which makes the garage a lot more durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Applying the right coating to garage flooring is a good way to add value to your property. You may also find it helps make your garage feel more a part of your home as opposed to just an extension, which is likely to encourage and generate further uses of it than would otherwise normally be thought of.

To get the best out of your garage floor coatings for your space you should think about the type of surface you would like the flooring to be and how you would like it to work for you. It is a good idea to base this decision around the main uses and habits of that particular area of your property. If you are looking for a short term and quicker remedy you are likely to benefit from a simple coating of garage floor paint added on top the original flooring. These coatings are easily applied with a roller, brush or pump spray. They are ideal for garages with very little traffic and generally have a life span of about one or two years, depending on quality. It is recommended an anti-slip material is rolled out on top of this type of flooring as it is susceptible to oil and chemical stains.

Another option is to use epoxy garage flooring. Although this coating takes longer to settle than basic paint it is a great solution for those looking to receive much more benefit from their renovation. This is because epoxy garage floors generally last longer than paint and once properly applied the coating bonds to the concrete and forms an extremely hard and durable surface that is highly resistant to oil and other common spills.

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There are two sub-types of the epoxy coat. First is a single-part epoxy coat which can be applied straight away without mixing and secondly is the more durable two-part epoxy protective layer consisting of twice the number of elements mixed together before the coating is applied. Epoxy solutions are much better than paint for garages that receive a lot more footfall and also perform well when faced with high heat temperatures on the surface.

Using an epoxy coating for your garage comes with some great advantages. One of the best features of this type of garage floor coating is that it can be applied over practically any existing flooring you currently have in place. This means that any imbalances in your current garage flooring will effectively be evened out. If you happen to have older floor tiles in place you can easily go over the top of them without having to remove them if that is what you would prefer. Another benefit of some varieties of garage epoxy coatings is that they can often be very fast at drying when they are initially applied. This typically means that after the coat has been laid you will be able to walk on the surface in approximately twenty-four hours and drive on it in around forty-eight hours.

If time to set is of importance to you, then be sure to check on the curing times of the epoxy you are considering before making a purchase. As with most garage floor offerings, the majority of epoxy floor coatings come with a complete kit for the installation. These packages will normally be presented with all the tools needed to apply the new layer, such as rollers and brushes, buckets and gloves, squeegees, measuring sticks, and of course the epoxy coating itself. Prices for the entire kit will vary depending on the quantity of epoxy that is included. This amount is usually measured based on the square footage of the area you would like to cover. A good tip is to check whether things like clear garage floor coating and colour chips are included in the final price of the kit or if they are provided as extras.

It should be stressed that both painted and epoxy garage floors will require you to apply an anti-slip additive to the surface after they have been mixed and applied. One such additive is that of a rough sand like layer which is spread on top the drying surface for added grip. A second choice of material that has grown increasingly popular is that of paint chips. This method provides excellent traction and allows users to add extra colouring to their garage flooring so that they can achieve an even better design. More professional users may consider using a hard surface for their garage floors coating made from vinyl or other materials such as planks or tiles. These types of floorings come in a variety of patterns and colours and are the most durable of all the types. However, installing such coverings requires professional know-how and tools that many home users may not have at their disposal.

Whatever your application of choice may be, garage floor coating will definitely make your garage and its flooring look and perform better than it ever did before. If you would prefer to use greener alternatives there are also coatings available that are non-toxic and more friendly to the environment. These alternatives perform well over time and give the same amount of protection as traditional garage floor applications. The only difference being that they have given off very little, if any, odour at all. Many garage floor coatings also come with guarantees. Some even provide cover for up to ten years. This goes a very long way to ensuring that you get the best possible results at the lowest possible price.