Bathroom Lighting Tips

The development of new bathroom lighting ideas for the home is becoming a necessity among many households. This is because, of all the rooms in the home, it is the bathroom that normally receives the least attention when it comes to effective lighting. This in itself is quite strange as it is in the bathroom where many people spend a lot of their time relaxing, recharging and unwinding after a long hard day. It is also the place where beauty and grooming activities regularly take place, usually at the beginning and end of the day. So, to get the most out of its daily use it would make sense for lighting in the bathroom to be given a little more thought by its users. Lighting that is too bright or too dim for example defeats the purpose as it does not allow users to have clear vision. It also does not help matters when bathroom lights are placed in ways that casts shadows over areas demanding focus.

When considering which bathroom light fixtures to install in your bathroom you should aim for the ones that produce soft and even room lighting. You should also ensure that the design of the fixture is in fitting with the design of your home. For example, contemporary bathroom lighting would be better situated in a modern and contemporary home. It is also essential to choose fittings that complement the style of your bath, shower and toilet so none of your bathroom’s elements clash. For example, traditional light fixtures would best suit a bathroom with traditional fittings. If you want to get both you and your bathroom looking best placement is also a key factor to take into account. In this case, bathroom wall lights either side of the mirror and or just above your bathroom mirror would be ideal as it allows the reflection to be properly illuminated without shadows and dark spots getting in the way.

If you require any particular area of your bathroom to be highlighted with the right bathroom light design, flush-fitted bathroom ceiling lights would be an excellent choice. These fixtures are commonly placed above the bath, shower and mirror to offer sufficient lighting. They can be installed with a dimmer switch, which unlike traditional light switches can adjust the brightness of the light.

This sort of fixture is best for those who wish to have total flexibility and control over how their bathroom is lit so that they can have it bright when performing tasks that demand it or soft and subdued when needing to relax and unwind. Lights fitted close to the ceiling can also be acquired in many different styles, shapes and forms. These are the more conventional ceiling lights which come in the form of spotlights, chandeliers and traditional ceiling lights.

One of the best things about modern bathroom lighting design is that it can be highly customized. This means that your bathroom can be as unique and peculiar as you would like it to be. When installing your bathroom light fixtures be sure to choose an established brand with happy customer reviews to avoid any unnecessary hiccups. Past experience has proven that more often than not you get better value from services that cost that little bit extra.

Wall Lights
Bathroom wall lighting is essential for reducing shadows near the mirror. It can also add the perfect accent to decorations, artwork and other design elements of the bathroom. Bathroom wall lights are typically used as a complementary measure for existing overhead lights. Wall sconces for example can be installed to highlight paintings or provide light to particular areas of the bathroom. Although they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs it is often better to concentrate on lighting fixtures that complement the interior decor of the bathroom. You should also look for wall lights that will supplement overhead fixtures in spots that require extra lighting.

Adaptable designs allow for accent and task lighting. Sconces alongside mirrors creates the ideal lighting for grooming. Softer bulbs are also the most practical for providing accent and ambient lighting. These are halogen and fluorescent bulbs which are highly efficient and provide much brighter light than their incandescent equivalents. These bulbs also last very long and wear out less frequently. Another tip is to use frosted bulbs with whichever bathroom lighting fixtures you choose. Compared to clear bulbs these elements produce less glare and reduce casting of shadows.

Strip Lights
Featuring a strip light above the mirror is another good method for ensuring that lighting is evenly distributed particularly for grooming tasks. These bathroom lights can also be installed on each side of the mirror to effectively minimize the appearance of shadows. White and bright halogen and fluorescent bulbs are the recommended choice for this installation as they tend to provide the best lighting. Strip lights come in many different styles. Some of the more popular and modern designs come in the form of upturned or down turned cups and globes. A great benefit of using these light fixtures is that they can be manually adjusted to provide the best possible angle of illumination. Strip lights are often all the source of lighting source that is required when featured in small bathrooms.

Recessed Lights
Recessed lighting is highly versatile. Although this type of fixture is commonly installed in the ceiling above the bathtub, shower or lavatory, they can be placed almost anywhere in the bathroom due to the large range of styles they provide. They are particularly ideal for bathrooms with a low ceiling as the lights are unobtrusive with only the trim and the bulb being visible. The level of light provided can be either soft or very bright depending on preference and ultimately the type of bulb wattage you choose. The lights can also be angled to highlight tile work, wall decorations and any other preferences. Recessed bathroom lighting fixtures placed over the mirror alone are usually not enough to generate the most effective brightness for grooming tasks, so supplementary lighting fixtures should also be considered.

Installing an appropriate lighting theme in your bathroom can make the world of difference when it comes to getting the most out of your everyday activities. Since each bathroom is unique, there are many different ways that the effectiveness of light can be maximized. A general tip to keep in mind is that bathrooms without windows will require more light than those with windows. If you require assistance with the installation of your lighting fixtures you should check for additional services provided by your selected store.